Friday 30 September 2011

Century 21 Volume 5 is called "Menace from space"

Cover by Lee Sullivan
I happen to know that Lee Sullivan, the cover artist of the latest Century 21 reprint volume, loves Mike Noble's work (I learned this at the exhibition that is still running) and this view of Thunderbird 3 appears to me to be inspired by Mike's drawing of TB3 from a provisional cover earlier in this series. Obviously Lee's version matches the 'cameo' look that the others have

Non-published - Mike Noble

John Freeman, on,  shares some exciting news on his site:
Publisher Marcus Hearn also tells us: "We've just uncovered an amazing batch of original Frank Bellamy artboards, so if and when we do another volume we'll be including them."
Let's hope we see that too - Marcus we'd love a Bellamy only volume - and would die to see a landscape - no gutter version.

Anyway back to the point of this entry.

Marcus heads up Signum Books and this is Chris Bentley 's fifth outing in this series. The theme this time - can you guess - is space! Therefore we have the following Bellamy illustrated stories:

  • Thunderbirds - The Eye of Jupiter Script: Scott Goodall Art: Frank Bellamy (Originally published in TV Century 21 issues 147 - 154 , November-December 2067)
  • Thunderbirds - The Space Mirror Script: Scott Goodall Art: Frank Bellamy (Originally published in TV Century 21 issues 137 - 140, September 2067)
  • Thunderbirds - The Barracuda Awaits Script: Scott Goodall Art: Frank Bellamy (Originally published in TV Century 21 issues 179-183, June-July 2068)

You can buy via the usual channels (including the Amazon widget I use) - the ISBN is 978-0956653420  - but Signum are offering Gerry Anderson signed copies - follow this link:

And just so we always have some of the great man's work on these blog entries here's a scene I like from "The Space Mirror", a very short story at 4 double page spreads!

TV21 #139


Tony Smith said...

Fascinating stuff - and especially pleased by your choice of illustration from The Space Mirror. I am the proud owner of the original artwork from this spread and for almost 30 years this framed strip hung above my fireplace as the centrepiece of my living room. I recently moved house and have not got round to re-hanging my Bellamy masterpieces - thanks for the timely reminder!

Norman Boyd said...

Tony, it's good to hear from you again - but you know me, which episode is it? I hope it's kept out of the sun!

Tony Smith said...

Don't ask me, I didn't even know the story was called The Space Mirror until I read your piece. The original is well out of any sun but down the decades has faded a little and one of the word balloons (stuck on separately) is missing. But I still love it.