Tuesday 19 April 2011

Original Art: Garth on eBay - Orb of Trimandias

F55 from The Orb of Trimandias

UPDATE: Sold for £151.66 (April 2011) with 12 bids

To quote Tweedacedmy, the seller:

Another great example of Frank Bellamy's work on Garth, showing his love of historical settings. Our hero is transported back to the the intrigue of the Venitian court under the infamous Borgia regime. Along the way he will meet Leonardo Da Vinci and his muse and lover the beautiful goddess Astra. Here some unwise slave traders try to capture our hero and his comrade.

Those two giants Abdul! What a price they would fetch on the Algiers slave-mart!'

This is a task for Kemal!

(Exit Kemal).

A wonderful action packed example with great swashbuckle factor.

This is strip number F55 from March 1972.
The scan above is mine - check out the original on eBay

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