Wednesday 13 April 2011

Garth and the Wreckers

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 Have you been following the Angels of Hell Gap that ran from Monday 21 February 2011 to Tuesday 12 April 2011? Well, get ready for the next story (in a different running order from the original printing.......

The story of the Wreckers ran originally in the Daily Mirror from 26 October 1973 to 18 February 1974 (G255-H41). If you are very quick and get the Daily Mirror today you get the start of the new coloured reprint in the paper - coloured by our good friend Martin Baines. Martin kindly shared the picture in this post and I mentioned to him - not wanting to appear too sycophantic - that I was actually thrilled to go to a newspaper shop every Monday to Saturday (not Sunday) to pick up my latest fix of Garth by Jim Edgar and Frank Bellamy (and Martin, of course!). It's been a very long time since I had a regular subscription to any paper or comic for that matter, and I'm enjoying the buzz of following this strip (and of course Andy Capp, and my personal favourite, The Perishers

Many thanks to Martin and the Mirror for the beautiful coloured  picture, I've selected one panel from the original black and white story below for your pleasure. And just in case you missed Steve, and Lew's articles click the links!

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