Sunday 14 November 2010

Bellamy original artwork: Thunderbirds

Comic Book Auctions Ltd has launched it latest catalogue with an end time of Tuesday 30 November at 8 PM UK Time. The piece that will be of interest to Bellamy fans particularly is Thunderbirds original artwork (1968) from TV Century 21 No 206 - Lot number 176.

Scott and Professor Davies have to travel back in time to get Thunderbird 4 and save the fractured dam's waters from drowning New York, but before they can activate the main controls the time-machine topples into the torrent …
Pelikan inks on board. 18 x 14 ins
It looks as if the artwork has been kept out of the sunlight which often fades these pieces. Notice some of the  lettering in the middle panel is missing. It's fairly obvious from the comic version that an overlay was done that has now gone from the artwork. The missing word appeared as 'dismantled'

The estimate for this piece is  £1,500-2,000 and I will update this entry when the auction results come through

UPDATE: Winning bid incl. 10% Buyer's Premium: £2,420 (December 2010)

For those who can't wait to see what did happen in the story I have reproduced the following page for TV21 207

By the way the auction also has a run of Boy's World and Eagle as well as TV21s that all contain Bellamy artwork - check out my website if you need to know which ones have Bellamy art in them.

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