Thursday 13 August 2009

REPRINT: The Happy Warrior (USA edition)

I thought I'd quickly add a note, thanks to Brian for the alert, that a new reprint of the Winston Churchill biography has appeared in the USA.

The price on the Levenger website is a very reasonable $38 plus shipping, which, after several emails I have found to be, for a single copy, $68.32. So by current reckoning that's a total of £64 in UK money for this book!

If you get a copy please do contact me with more information about it. Perhaps you have a kind friend in the US who might send it to you. But at that price, I shall be hanging onto my copy of the 1958 and 1981 reprints, as well as my original Eagle comics. But I'm here as a public service, so just letting you know.

Thanks again Brian - who incidentally said he saw this whilst in the USA recently, so presumably it's in stores! Maybe a wholesaler over here might consider looking into it....are you listening Geoff?


Simon said...

Hi just ordered a copy from this site that has a copy for £17 plus approx £10 shipping from the USA:

Norman Boyd said...

Let us know what you think of it Simon. David Britton ordered a copy too and was very pleased as it contained articles too

Simon said...

Interesting book, have not had the chance to read through it fully, but it's interesting to compare the approach to the 50's Hulton book and the the original Eagles (now have the pleasure of a complete run). Was interested to see how much column inches were provided to Colin Frewell of the Dan Dare Corp (guess he had been very kind to provide permission for the reprint) and the the approach of reprinting the comic page (had throught they may reprint the Hulton book version of the art) which makes the book very much a collectible. It would have been nice if the page size had bee a bit closer to the Eagle.

Norman Boyd said...

Thanks for this Simon.
That's Colin Frewin from whom they surely would have had to get a licence to reprint the strip as has Geoff West and friends at Book Palace for the upcoming Heros reprint