Sunday 15 July 2007

...Correction: Comic Media News / Comic Collector

Clearing up a few more bits that that kind Richard Sheaf sent me:

Comic Collector No. 2 Apr 1992, Announcement on the Frank Bellamy Appreciation Society Richard supplied the advert below

I managed to get a copy of the following recently:
Comic Media News No 27 Jul-Aug 1976, which has a tribute to the then recently departed Bellamy with a rarely seen photo of him.

Comic Media News #27

Comic Media News #27, p14

Comic Media News #27, p.15

...Which leads me to wonder whether the following entry on that page is wrong.
Comicon 1976 No 27 tribute and photo as it appears so like the above! Does anyone have, or know anyone that has the Comicon programmes for the Seventies?


Richard Sheaf said...

Norman, I have a copy of the Comicon brochure for '76 (that I had been planning to fish out for you over the weekend), I will do so and see if that can help us clear up the mystery.


Norman Boyd said...

Thanks once again Richard!