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Paul McCartney and Frank Bellamy

Bill Storie writes:
"I was told by Terry Jones (when I was researching Bert Fegg's book) that he himself had been told the "Wings" illustration [as I've labelled it] for Paul McCartney was originally commissioned for the cover of a solo album by Paul's wife Linda under the project title of "Linda and the Red Stripes". Terry himself didn't know if that was 100% true though and MPL publishing never replied to me on the subject but maybe someone else out there on the net might know?"

This interesting article Seaside Woman by Suzy and the Red Stripes explains:
"Paul called the group Suzy (Linda) and the Red Stripes (Wings) and they signed with Epic under that name. The name Red Stripes is from one of Paul and Linda's favorite drinks."

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UPDATE May 2017

Linda's Pictures 1976

I put out another call to the Internet via Facebook and received this from Tony Smith, the reporter who most wrote about Frank during his lifetime:

I also wrote to Paul [McCartney] not long after Frank's death, but received no reply. When I interviewed Frank early in 1976, he told me Macca and Linda called at his home entirely unannounced a few weeks earlier. He showed me a photographic book written by Linda and signed by them both, which they gave him, and I understand they wanted him to do the artwork for a forthcoming Wings album.
I'm guessing the present was Linda's pictures: a collection of photographs / photographs and words by Linda McCartney London: Cape, 1976.

Which set me looking for any other information and I remembered this interview with Nancy Bellamy. On 9 July Nancy and Howard Corn (who was the Editor of the Eagle Times and lifelong champion of the Eagle comic, who recently passed away) were interviewed on the radio programme  Turning back the Years with Arnold Peters

AP: And of course through Frank’s work and his… for so many different people… it was largely the Eagle but also lots of other people you had strange phone calls some times, didn’t you?
NB: Well..
AP: The phone rang and you answered… go on, tell us.
NB: Yes, well one, I think it was a Saturday morning, the phone.. I used to answer the phone for Frank because it sort of helped him, it didn’t disturb him drawing, and this voice said ‘Can I speak to Frank Bellamy?’ and I said ‘Yes, who’s calling?’ and the voice on the other end said ‘Paul McCartney’ and I think my eyes must have widened very much but anyway I went to get Frank and sort of whispered to him ‘Paul McCartney’s on the phone for you’. So anyway the outcome of that was he went up to London to meet Paul and Linda McCartney and he said they were very very nice people and they wanted him to do a rough for a design for a sleeve for a record that they were producing.
AP: Just like that?
NB: Yes, just like that.
If anyone wants to suggest how Paul might communicate anything about this I'd be so grateful

~Norman Boyd

(Thanks to Bill Storie and Terry Doyle for dating the interview in Goperville Argus #2 Aug 1992, p.2)

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