Monday 21 May 2007

Complexities of web tools!

Spent a long weekend finishing the website and tripped at a technical hurdle. Can anyone tell me how to allow comments on this blog?
I have saved and re-saved Settings on Comments, but with no option appearing for you to 'Post a comment'
I see from blog news that there was a glitch, but this should be sorted

Any help/suggestions gratefully received at [email protected]

First reactions are very good and I see from statistics that mainly UK visitors are looking at the site, but God Bless Alberto in Portugal who has proved the statistics can see visitors outside the UK


Alberto Soares said...

Here's to see if comments is operational. Glad to see the site up and running and now let's hope for the book. Bellamy's work surely deserves it!

Norman Boyd said...


Hooray and thanks to the unknown force at work!

YOU TOO can now post a comment!