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Saturday 28 March 2009

Reprinted Bellamy illustrations - Thunderbirds Extra 1966

The 48 page 1966 Thunderbirds Extra was published in March of that year by City Magazines Ltd who produced the weekly comic TV21 in cooperation with Century Publishing Limited. It contains a lovely Thunderbird strip illustrated by Brian Lewis - a far too neglected artist, and a strip by Don Harley, (Dan Dare and later Thunderbird artist, most famously in Countdown) and finally Ron Turner best known for his colour back cover on TV21's Dalek strip and later Anderson annuals.

But here it's the text stories that are of interest to Bellamy fans and one in particular: Thunderbirds: Flight to Destruction

Three pages of text are accompanied by what are obviously Bellamy illustrations, but it takes a fanatic to track them down. And I have! Shaqui gave me the idea for this blog post, so again thanks Shaqui.

Here are the pages from which the above illustrations are taken

TV21 51 pp.10 &11:
TB5 is from the 3rd B&W page in TV21 #51
The portrait of Jeff Tracy is from the same TV21
TV21 51 pp.12
TV21 56 pp.10 & 11
Scott's portrait is from the above

TV21 60 pp.10 & 11
Jeff and Brains' portraits are from the above

TV21 60 p.12
TB1 comes from the above