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Monday 13 April 2009

Frank Bellamy Lifetime Achievement Award (Part 3)

On Tuesday, 18 September 2007, I first mentioned I had learned about the "Frank Bellamy Lifetime Achievement Award" and my good email friend Richard Sheaf added a bit of information on Friday, 11 January 2008.

Subsequently Richard has sent me several scans from various fanzines which have articles on this award. Although not directly related to Bellamy, except in name, I felt this pieces of history might interest a few people.

Eagle Times #22:1 (Spring 2009)

James Slattery of Dragon's Dream for 'Most outstanding contribution to strip illustration' says Alan Vince in his interesting article just published in this quarter's ET. The magazine celebrates its 21st birthday this year and long may it continue. Alan's memories of 1970s/80s comic conventions, when Embleton, Hampson, Lewis et al were still with us are really interesting. Who is James Slattery? He worked on the reprints from the Eagle, including Bellamy's never since reprinted "High Command" which had the brillaint Churchill and Montgomery strips in full colour

Comics International #127 (Christmas 1992) - Alberto Breccia - interesting choice as he's not really appreciated much in the English language
Comic World 12 February 1993 - same announcement in a different form

Comics International #139 (February 1994) - Jack Kirby, whom I think you will all know!

Comics International #153 (March 1995) - Alex Toth, again you should know him!

Comics International #178 (February 1997) - Julius Schwartz, and if you're as old as me he needs no introduction either.

Want to add anything, please comment below...till next time

Friday 11 January 2008

Lifetime achievement followed up...

Back in September last year, I mentioned I'd found out about something called a "Frank Bellamy Achievement Award"
Richard Sheaf wrote to tell me that he had a bit more info:

Hi Norman,
  • The first annual awards for the SSI were held on 23/09/78 (for the year 1977) and "The Frank Bellamy award : most promising newcomer" went to Mike McMahon for his work on Judge Dredd, in 2000AD.
  • For the 1979/80 awards (presented 22/11/80) the following people were nominated for "The Frank Bellamy award" Geoff Campion - 35 years a pro, Dennis Gifford - services rendered, Don Lawrence - Trigan Empire, Pat Mills - creating 2000AD, Mike Noble - 30 years a pro, Reg Partlett - 60 years a pro
So the purpose of the award seems to have changed somewhat from before!

  • In the end Don Lawrence won with Geoff Campion and Pat Mills as runners up. Lawrence is described as winning "The FB award for most outstanding contribution to strip illustration"
  • The award for 1980/81 (presented 31/10/81) went to Dennis Gifford for services to British comics. The award is described thus in a write-up of the ceremony "...the top award, the FB award, going to the most outstanding strip cartoon personality of the year, or the best up-and-coming artist, etc" which explains the flexibility noted above
  • The awards for 1982 (held 13/11/82) saw Dez Skinn win for Warrior magazine
  • The awards for 1983 (held 03/12/83) saw Ron Embleton win

And that's all I've got I'm afraid. All of the above comes from the Association of Comics Enthusiasts newsletters that Dennis Gifford used to produce

best regards

So, thanks to Richard (whose collection of fanzines must be enormous!) we have some more information!

An aside, wouldn't it be great if one day all UK fanzines might be scanned and electronically indexed for all to access

P.S. The picture below is NOT the award, but the Blue Plaque that Kettering Civic Society placed on the house where Bellamy was born!

Tuesday 18 September 2007

Lifetime Achievement Award

I have heard of all sorts of awards with strange names - the Oscars, Nibbies, Daggers etc. But a new one to me, which has been around for at least 5 years is the "Frank Bellamy Achievement Award"!

"Originally formed in 1977 as the Society of Strip Illustrators where comics professionals could meet socially, swap stories, share information and network. It still does all these things. But we've also adapted and changed since then. In 1992 the Society changed its name to the Comics Creators Guild in a move to more obviously represent all the various arts and specializations that combine to produce comics." says their About Us page.

Winners in the past have been from both sides of the Atlantic:
2006: John Severin
2005: Peter O'Donnell
2004: Leo Baxendale
2003: Dave Sim
2002: Dr Jerry Bails

On our page with references to articles about Bellamy, there is mention of the old Society's newsletter where an article was written about Bellamy and a follow up letter correcting errors in said article.

If anyone can let me know why Bellamy's name was chosen for this award, I'd love to know