Tuesday 2 May 2023

Frank Bellamy's Robin Hood

Robin Hood by Frank Bellamy

 Way back I wrote to Marv Wolfman (yes, THAT Marv Wolfman!) because I knew he had communicated with Frank Bellamy back in 1969 and later. He managed to obtain a drawing from Bellamy which is the subject of this short article. Marv also wrote again in early 1974 when he asked Bellamy whether he would be able to contribute to the newly launched black and white horror magazine line put out by Marvel. I would have loved to have seen that, as we know Bellamy's chiaroscuro line work was superb.  Unfortunately due to his daily comic strip work on "Garth" he was unable to comply with the request.Imagine an alternative world of Frank Bellamy drawing for Marvel Comics!

I've been meaning to share this with everyone for ages so without further ado -with permission from Marv - here you go.

Simon Osborne also write to me a while after Marv forwarded the above image and shared with me his drawing by Bellamy of Robin Hood.

Robin Hood in colour

Similar images with added Bellamy interest around the backgrounds at hip height! One B&W; the other colour - although it looks faded. It's hard to tell with Simon's photo as it has a sepia tinge all over but what an amazing find

Incidentally Marv has stated on Twitter he has "several Bellamy originals" including "Heros originals". I'd love to see those too Marv - ad thanks again

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