Thursday 16 March 2023

ORIGINAL ART: Masai Warrior (#5)

 ***UPDATE: 16 March 2023 - NOW SOLD, Best Offer accepted***

"Masai #5"

In  my list of 'unpublished' Frank Bellamy artwork I have listed several - what I have termed "Masai Warrior" and I've given them arbitrary numbers just to help me differentiate which one is being talked about.  The one that has just come up for sale on eBay is the one I call:

MASAI WARRIOR #5: Side portrait with earring and necklace - bottom right signed

Now I have to admit I assume these are 'warriors' as I have no direct evidence beyond a little searching online. Bellamy loved all things African and one can tell from his glorious artwork for the second "Thunderbirds" story in the comic TV21 that he was especially intrigued by the Masai (read more about the people here).

TV21 #59 (third page)

The portrait came up for sale back in 2016 but, in my opinion, although a beautiful artwork, was too highly priced. The current price is much more realistic for a non-comic piece. I know that when Paul Holder photographed these personal artworks of Frank Bellamy they were very problematic, so I'm not surprised that the seller has problems showing all its glory!

The seller (whiteboxcollectables) says this about the piece:

Frank Bellamy Original Artwork from Personal collection

This listing comprises of the original from Frank Belaamy's [sic] personal collection. Crayon and paint on a black card/paper
Size 20 x 23 inches This drawing started Franks passion of Africa, which ultimately led to his creation "  Fraiser [sic] of Africa in the Eagle boys comic of the late 50's.

I can't say anything about whether this "crayon and paint" as I have not seen the original just scans/photos. But I can tell you Frank's surname is Bellamy and that Fraser of Africa was published in Eagle (Vol. 11:32 - Vol. 12:32) 6 August 1960 - 12 August 1961 not the late Fifties. I am also not sure that "This drawing started Frank's passion" but I'm sure I too can be accused of hyperbole at times!

Here are the other accompanying images from the auction

WHERE?: eBay-whiteboxcollectables
BUY IT NOW: £349.99 or Make an offer

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