Monday 13 June 2022

Frank Bellamy and The Thunderbirds Duvet!

 Yes, you read the title right. I received this from David Finchett:

Hi Norman,
I read your Frank Bellamy article about this duvet cover on your website and thought you might be interested. It was a limited edition duvet cover of 1000
so not many are about. I enclose a photo. I am going to put it up on ebay when I get time.
At 200cm x 220cm it's awkward to photograph!
Kind Regards
David Finchett
Original advert 1992 (Thanks to Shaqui)
The original story - as credited on the quilt - was written by Alan Fennell and drawn by Bellamy.
TV21 #146 p18

TV21 #146 p19

I have stored some other images from this quilt which I've found over the years, so here you go for those interested! As the advert suggests these 1000 limited edition were autographed by Gerry Anderson. I presume no-one dared wash these!

Credit for the story

Actually autographed by Gerry Anderson

There have been other duvet covers but not with Bellamy's art on them.


Kid said...

Shame it didn't sport the same colours as the original art or comic pages, as it looks a little 'washed out' as it is. However, at only 1,000, it's sure to be collectable.

Norman Boyd said...

Yes, wouldn't it brilliant to get an actual double page ....spread! I'll just get my hat and coat