Tuesday 8 January 2019

ORIGINAL ART: Thunderbirds X 2 on eBay

I've been contacted by the seller to let me know these two consecutive pieces are for auction on eBay. They realise they are very faded but nevertheless are the original boards that Frank Bellamy produced for TV21 #177 Thunderbirds strip "The 2068 Olympics". They have been put on at £700 for the pair which is a fair price in my opinion, but let's see what happens!

Thunderbirds from TV21 #177 p.10

Thunderbirds from TV21 #177 p.11
The seller describes the two artworks:
Frank Bellamy Thunderbirds TV21 Artwork
Original Frank Bellamy artwork from the 177 editor [sic] of TV21 in 1968. 
Still with its printing marks. 
Artwork faded over time, but still colour in places, please see pics.
This is a double page spread of 2 artworks. Drawn on CS10 board, and signed by his son on the back on purchase.
Size of each artwork 380mm wide 480mm high
As the seller knows they are faded let me show the pages as scanned from TV21, but bear in mind even here the colour is not as true as the day they were drawn. Remember to keep all your orignal artwork out of the sun!

WHERE: eBay 
SELLER: sjcmac 
STARTING BID:£700 for two pieces
ENDING PRICE: £1332.00
END DATE: 14 January 2019

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