Wednesday 27 December 2017

Original Art: Thunderbirds from TV21 #167

Christmas is a great time to slow down but I just caught notification of Terry Doyle selling a piece of Thunderbirds artwork by Frank Bellamy. It's in Russ Cochran's latest auction and is currently at $228!! That will surely rise quite significantly. While you follow the link to the auction, have a look at some of Terry's other superb collection for auction, including an Eagle cover by Desmond Walduck, some Al Williamson and even Frazetta!

Thunderbirds TV21 #167 page 10 Original art
You can see how well the colour has been preserved and how the original printing process in TV21 had gone down hill in the later years of that fantastic comic. In case the scan was the problem, I checked my TV21 which I still own and yes, the reproduction leaves a lot to be desired! So enjoy the original! Learn the lesson Bellamy fans! Do NOT put this artwork on your wall, no matter how much UV glass and how little light you get in that room! It will fade in any light!

Thunderbirds TV21 #167 page 10
 And as it's still Christmas here's the next page so you can read the two pages together!
Thunderbirds TV21 #167 page 11

WHAT?: Thunderbirds, from TV21 #167 Page 10
WHERE?: Russ Cochran's Auction December 28 2017
Lot No.:  4881127
SELLER: Terry Doyle
ENDING PRICE: $1,086.00 including Buyer's Fee (20%) = £803.51
END DATE: 28 December 2017
No of bids:
No of bidders:

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