Tuesday 15 November 2016

Original Art: Garth on eBay - 'The Angels of Hell's Gap' (J61) 1975

Bill Storie let me know that an original Garth strip drawn by Frank Bellamy is on eBay.

The seller describes it like this:

This is a genuine artwork panel, drawn by the legendary British artust, Frank Bellamy. It is dated 1975 and is drawn on artboard. I purchased it a few years ago and had it professionally framed immediately. It is a pen-and-ink piece and it attracted me as it has all Bellamy's most famous flourishes in one: the cross-hatching, lightning flashes, etc, familiar from his Doctor Who and Thunderbirds work. I will not remove the piece from it's frame as I do not wish to risk damage..

"The Angels of Hell's Gap" story ran originally in the Daily Mirror from 15 January 1975 - 2 May 1975 #(J12-J101) and was reprinted by, the sadly defunct, "All Devon Comic Collectors Club" in their Daily Strips: Collectors Club Editions No.13 [No date]  and also recoloured in the  Daily Mirror from Monday 21 February 2011 to Tuesday 12 April 2011 by Martin Baines

Here are the other pictures the seller uploaded:

And just for your enjoyment...
The opening strip from the story "Angels of Hell's Gap"


WHERE?: eBay
SELLER: magister67
END DATE: 15 November 2016
No of bids: 3
No of bidders: 2

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