Wednesday 20 January 2016

Original Art: Garth on eBay - The Orb of Trimandias

F98 The Orb of Trimiandias
That kind Chris Power has pointed me to eBay where an original Garth strip is up for auction (with 7 bids at £16 which tells me there's a few people really hoping to get this cheaply!). Last time it came up for auction it got £233 in 2012. It will be interesting to see how much it goes for this time. Previously another strip from this story sold for £156 but they are coming up less and less so who knows?

The seller says:
A superb example from one of the UK's greatest comic artists, Frank Bellamy. This is an original from the series 'Garth' which appeared in the Daily Mirror in the 1970's. An outstanding example we think you'll agree and all starting at 99p with no reserve in sight.

This is from the story 'The Orb of Trimandias' and it finds the time travelling hero Garth at the sharp end of a rumble with the henchmen of Cesare Borgia no less. Featuring one of the few wordless panels of the run and emphasising the no nonsense sword play. We hope to have some lovely things for the discerning palette listed in the days to come.

A tantalizing description!

The story appeared in the Daily Mirror 28 January 1972 - 22 May 1972 (#F24-F121) and has been reprinted a few times
  • The Daily Mirror Book of Garth, London: IPC Limited, 1975
  • Garth Book One: The cloud of Balthus Jim Edgar, London: Titan Books, 1984 
  • Menomonee Falls Gazette #67  (26/03/1973) - #83 (16/07/1973) - 6 daily strips reprinted in B&W
  • Daily Mirror Monday 3 June  2013 to - Monday 29 July 2013 Two tier reprint coloured by Martin Baines

WHERE?: eBay
SELLER: Tweedacademy
END DATE: 27 January 2016
No of bids: 31
No of bidders: 8 

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