Monday 7 April 2014

Original Art on eBay: Garth - Angels of Hell's Gap

staylor133 from Luxembourg, is selling a Garth original by Frank Bellamy. The opening bid is £110 and the auction ends 9 April 2014.

UPDATE:  £155 (11 bids) (April  2014)

J57 Angels of Hell's Gap
This comes from the story Angels of Hell's Gap (which has been reprinted in the following:

  • Garth: The Angels of Hell's Gap All Devon Comic Collectors Club Daily Strips: Collectors Club Editions No.13 [No date]
  • Daily Mirror Monday 21 February 2011 to Tuesday 12 April 2011 - Two tier reprint coloured by Martin Baines
It was originally seen in the Daily Mirror (15 January 1975 - 2 May 1975 - J12-J101) and was written by Jim Edgar.

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