Thursday 15 November 2012

Heros the Spartan update and OFFERS from Book Palace

Book Palace now have a page for pre-orders  and Peter Richardson has shared loads of spreads with us from the forthcoming reprint of Heros the Spartan....more below,.....but first a word from our sponsors friends at Book Palace!

How would you like some reprinted Frank Bellamy books at great prices?

These are extremely likely never to be reprinted in paper form. There are four offers:

All Bellamy's work for SWIFT

Story of World War One Paperback
Story of World War One Hardback

Three classic reprints
And for those who are keen to hear more of what's happening to the deluxe reprint of Heros the Spartan, follow the link to Peter Richardson's comments and then have a look at the price which has now been decided at £95. By my calculations that's £1 per restored episode - but with John Byrne, the full Frank Bellamy interview from Fantasy Advertiser plus a commentary on the stories by some guy called Norman Boyd! It sounds a lot, but try buying, let alone finding, the Eagles - at least £3.50 a piece - and you'll have to pay approximately £300 for them...if you find them and at that price! Oh, and that Peter Richardson is a card...I love the title of my meagre offering in the Heros introduction! Thanks Peter for dreaming that one up!

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