Friday 14 September 2012

New Story - The Mask of Atacama

© Daily Mirror

Once again that great guy Martin Baines, who adds colour to the Frank Bellamy Garth strips currently being reprinted in the Daily Mirror, has sent me the first of the new reprint: The Mask of Atacama. As a teenager I loved this story as it had lots of shots of ladies in a state of "natural beauty", shall we say! I didn't know at the time that Frank's wife Nancy was a model for him - as she was very fond of repeating!

The story was originally ran from 13 July 1973 - 25 October 1973 (G165-G254) and was reprinted in the Daily Mirror Book of Garth London: IPC Limited, 1976, Garth Book Two: The Women of Galba London: Titan Books, 1985 and the fan publication that ran reprints of the world's leading English language newspaper strips, Menomonee Falls Gazette #157 (1 December 1974) - #184 (23 June 1975)


Anonymous said...

The October 11th comic strip is missing on the Daily Mirror site. Since you have email contact, could you please request for it to be added there, or post it here if possible. Thank you.

Norman Boyd said...

Take a look at my posting of 06 November 2012 and do contact me directly as I could scan it if I've provided the wrong one