Monday 12 March 2012

Garth reprints

The reason I wanted to do a blog post on Garth reprints is primarily because I noticed that someone who has been kind to me in the past and who could use a little financial help himself, is selling several of his collection that I thought I'd highlight.

If you visit eBay <> you'll see some of the Daily Strips reprints of Garth which were produced by the All Devon Comic Collectors Club. They are particularly clear reproductions so worth considering purchasing. He also has the reprint in full colour of the strip Montgomery of Alamein which ran in Eagle from volume 13:10 - 13:27 (10 March 1962 -7 July 1962). This is unlikely to be reprinted any time soon due to licensing costs so head over to eBay and bid. While there grab the RSS feed at the bottom of the page and add it in your favourite way to a reader or Favorite toolbar etc so you can see what else comes up from this seller.

I don't usually highlight such sales, normally sticking to just auctions of original artwork, but felt that this needed highlighting and it gave me the opportunity to thank my friend and to mention other reprints.

For those who didn't know, Garth was beautifully reprinted in Menomonee Falls Gazette and during Bellamy's lifetime. He even wrote to the guys who produced the fan reprint

MFG 67

I noticed recently that someone in India is posting Hindi reprints of Garth - shows how far he travelled and how widely Bellamy's Garth is known. The quality of paper in India has always been of a pulp unbleached nature - thus the pink hue.

Ghost Town

People of the Abyss

And don't forget to follow the current coloured reprints in the Daily Mirror. For a listing of reprints (excluding the Hindi ones as my knowledge is very thin on this), see the website listing

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