Tuesday 20 December 2011

Original Art: Garth on eBay - The Beast of Ultor

H93 "Beast of Ultor"
The latest piece of art by Frank Bellamy to be made available for sale on eBay is of Cayutis and his sister Cyrene who starred in the story "Beast of Ultor". I never thought I'd be doing this, but I see that this sold for £137 in May 2011!

The seller writes:

Original daily strip of GARTH by FRANK BELLAMY (pen and ink), dated 22-March-1974. It is the "The Beast of Ultor" strip H93, story that appeared in the Daily Mirror newspaper. It was also reprinted in "The Daily Mirror Book of Garth 1976" compendium (Fleetway Publications). Artwork is drawn much larger than the printed size. Size 21 x 7 inches (53 x 17,5 cm). Signed with his distinctive signature and drawn on heavyweight "CS10 Line Board". The blacks are very dense.
Page 66 of the landscape book to be exact!

Detail from H93 "Beast of Ultor"

I'll update in a few days with the price if sold
First Update: Unsold but relisted at a better starting price.
Second update: sold at £116.14 with 19 bids (December 2011)

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