Tuesday 24 May 2011

Original Art: Garth on eBay - The Beautiful People

Another eBay sale for you to have a look at. This is a really lovely example of Bellamy's work. Click on the seller's name below for the eBay description

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To quote phUKone, the seller:

From the story 'The Beautiful People' from 1976. Code K23.

Artwork is absolutely pristine and is drawn much larger than the printed size. Artwork panels measure 135mm x 520mm. Signed with his distinctive signature and drawn on heavyweight CS10 board. The blacks are very dense, having been inked over many times - sometimes as many as eight - to give the density of black that he required. Hopefully the photos give some idea but obviously can't compare to the original.

UPDATE: Sold for £110.00 (May 2011) with 1 bids


John Michael Jackson said...

Love your blog. I know exactly where to go any time I have a question about Bellamy.

Norman Boyd said...

Thanks for the kind comment JMJ. It's this that keeps me going. Keep watching!