Tuesday 18 May 2010

Jon Haward and colleagues win Bronze award

I have just heard that the excellent series Classical Comics, which publishes bright new versions of the classics in graphic novel format (and in Original Text, Plain Text and Quick Text Versions, as well as in American English) has garnered another award. The Independent Publisher Book Awards (the cutely named IPPY Awards) have been announced and The Tempest has won a Bronze Medal.

Congratulations to Jon Haward ( a great Bellamy fan - see previous blog entry) and his co-creators John McDonald, Gary Erskine, and Nigel Dobbyn

Now in order to add some Bellamy art I have to think....did he illustrate Shakespeare? I can't think of anywhere he did that. Did he illustrate any classics (yes, the Pit and the Pendulum) but how about this disaster  illustration - very contemporary reference to volcanic explosions?

Thunderbirds from TV21 # 83


jon haward said...

thanks for the mention Norman

Norman Boyd said...

My pleasure Jon. Hope you liked my pretty thin excuse of an illustration to accompany the piece!

jon haward said...

always loved Bellamy's Thunderbirds work ,great layouts, action ,colouring and big bombastic explosions FAB