Sunday 14 February 2010

Heros the Spartan art for sale

I have added the price below that was realised for this piece. I'm beginning to wonder whether I might, through all my blog and web activity, be the cause for the large sums that Bellamy art now fetches! Rightfully so too.

Just a quick post to let you know that another poiece of rare Eagle artwork is up for auction. It's at Comic Book Postal Auctions Spring 2010 auction - Lot #160 . Before you click the link make sure you have a couple of thousand pounds to bid. See my last mention and the winning prices!

The piece's description is:
Heros The Spartan original colour artwork drawn and signed by Frank Bellamy. From The Eagle centre page spread Vol 16: No 20 (1965) Heros is saved from The Living Dead by Zathran, ex-commander of the Black Guard … Some of the blue colour faded, reds still strong. Poster paint on board. 19 x 28 ins Estimate: £1,000-1,400

Auction ended March, 2010 at £2,421
Edited on 22 March 2010

It is the 12th episode of the story "The Slave Army" and Eagle issue dated 15 May 1965. The story tells of Heros accompanying a caravan to the Libyan gold mines. Remember this is 1965 storytelling and the Internet was not to hand. Libya has no gold mines, but does have the very modern resource of oil in abundance (their neighbour to the south, Chad, has gold). Bellamy’s depiction of desert light and Berber buildings in this his last Heros comic story are wonderful, and his detailed Arab faces, and weaponry are amazing. Several classic Bellamy devices appear in this particular episode

I'll update the page once the final price is released


Steve sculpts critters said...

Do you have any idea where I can get reprints of Heros?
I can't find anything anywhere (I live in the U.S.).

Norman Boyd said...

Have a look at
and click on the note at the right hand side.
wait till Titan decide to reprint Heros. Many people have asked for this strip to be reprinted.
Your question has reminded me to forward this to the current editor on the Titan reprints projects

Keep watching this space!

Oh and I love your work - really inspired

Steve sculpts critters said...

I think I'll stay checked in and hold out for Titan books, thanks!

And I'm glad you like the mice!!

I'm also glad you do the great job you do keeping people like me posted on how to get a hold of top notch FB.
Thanks again,