Thursday 18 October 2007

Commando Gibbs v. Dragon Decay

"Your teeth are ivory castles - defend them with Gibb's Dentifrice" - slogan from (at least) 1922

For those who have only known toothpaste in a tube, you might need enlightening.

This product came in a small circular tin and you had to rub a wet toothbrush and create a fizzy paste to rub on your "ivory castles" as Gibbs called your teeth! I can just remember the stuff in the 1960s, and I think some toothpowder still exist!

Frank Bellamy produced 7 strips in the Gibb's advertising in Eagle during the first 3 volumes entitled "Commando Gibbs versus Dragon Decay"

GD 311-1505, Eagle Vol. 2:42 (25 January 1952), p. 5
Dragon looks at 'young Jimmy' through telescope

GD 312-1505, Eagle Vol. 2:46 (22 February 1952), p. 12
Dragon enters bathroom

GD 313-1505, Eagle Vol. 3:2 (18 April 1952), p. 13
Dragon in tank attacks No.14

GD 314-1505, Eagle Vol. 3:6 (16 May 1952), p.13
Dragon in submarine attacks boat

GD 315-1505, Eagle Vol. 3:11 (20 June 1952), p.13
Dragon sends rocket to blow up the Smiths' "ivory castles"

GD 316-1505, Eagle Vol. 3:14 (11 July 1952), p.13
Dragon gets telegram and heads to Cliff House

GD 326-1505, Eagle Vol. 3:24 (19 September1952), p.13
Dragon dresses as Policeman on bike

  • Eagle Vol. 3:19 (15 August1952), p.13 - Reprints Eagle Vol. 3:2 (18 April 1952)
  • Eagle Vol. 3:33 (21 November 1952), p.5 - Reprints Eagle Vol. 3:6 (16 May 1952)
  • Eagle Vol. 3:36 (12 December 1952), p.13 - Reprints Eagle Vol. 3:11 (20 June 1952)

Interestingly, I wonder if anyone has any answers for me regarding the numbering of adverts. Even though all previous advertising strips are numbered sequentially, 2 adverts were 10 issues apart, but their (up till now) regular numbering jumps from GD 316-1505 to GD 326-1505.

Anyway to round off, this dentifrice product ran for years. I've found eveiodence from the 1920s and here is another (unknown) artist's take on the theme from Judy 16 March 1963, p28.
Judy 16 March 1963
Finally I was astonished to see there was also an Ivory Castle game! Produced by D. W. Gibbs Ltd, and consisted of a coloured folding board, counters and dice, in labelled envelope with rules printed to rear, from c.1933/4 . The artist is unknown.

Gibbs Dentifrice Game

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