Sunday 2 September 2007

....ADVERT: Andersonic (Follow up)

If you've never heard of Andersonic check out my blog entry of Sunday, 29 July 2007. The published article about Bellamy and Don Harley Frank, Don, Dan and the Tracys by Richard Farrell is now available at the address supplied on that blog entry or on my website (see the note)

Many thanks to Richard for a great article.... oh, and check out pages 25-27 for my thoughts on Anderson during my childhood!

I'm still looking forward to an authoritative piece detailing where Bellamy started his work on each Dan Dare story and where Don Harley et al continued. That's a story for another day, but compare the two heads of Rax from the same story "Terra Nova". The left detailed stippling was by Bellamy and the right hand one by Harley

Taken from Eagle 21st November 1959, Vol10:40.

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Anonymous said...

Bellamy's actual contibutions to DARE are fairly distinctive, and it's easy to differentiate between his work and that of the remaining members of Hampson's studio.