Wednesday 15 August 2007

...Addition: Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph

I've managed to get a few of Tony Smith's articles on Bellamy, written after Frank Bellamy's death Tony did however meet and interview Frank. Alas his first published work on Frank was his obituary.

This one is from 17th July 1990 and was written "to mark the 40th anniversary of the legendary Eagle comic" - to you and me that means the Hawk reprint books, The Adventures of P.C. 49, Harris Tweed, Riders of the Range and, of course, Fraser of Africa .

One particularly interesting feature in this article is a reprint of the rarely seen Bellamy work in the Football Telegraph or Pink 'Un, the sporting paper insert for the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph. (18 October 1949) "All forms of transport were used by Kettering fans to see - Kettering win"

The readers at the time (1947) would have been familiar with the football clubs' nicknames - see my key on the NET page- and Tony Smith kindly provides clues in his 1990 article


Tony Smith said...

Just a little correction, Norman. I did not produce "many articles" during Frank's lifetime. I didn't produce ANY during his lifetime. My first published article on Bellamy was his obituary!

Norman Boyd said...

Thanks for the correction Tony, now changed in the article. Love your new profile picture!