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Comics, vom Massenblatt ins multimediale Abenteuer, by Andreas C. Knigge, Reinbeck bei Hamburg: Rowohlt, 1996.
  • Index entry p. 224
FANTASTRIPSNo. 6, Borchert-Verlag, 1981
  • pp22-26 "Frank Bellamy und die Englische Tradition" by Helmut W. Pesch - lengthy overview of his comics work focusing on the Eagle.
JOHN TORNADO: der Mann mit den tausend Masken [The man with a thousand masks]#1-#20, Bastei Verlag, 1979-1981
  • 50 pages in red, black & white. Garth reprints cut and juggled about to fit a normal German comic page with another story, "Stargo" as a backup. The nudity is covered up with bikinis etc. Covers by Ertuğrul Edirne. See article

    1. Die Gefangene des Gladiators [The Gladiator's Prisoner] = The Women of Galba
    1. Duell in der Geisterstadt [Duel in the Ghost Town] = Ghost Town
    2. Der Dämon in der Zauberkugel [The Demon the Magic Bubble] = The Bubble Man
    3. Im Hinterhalt der wilden Horde [Ambushed by the wild horde] = The Bride of Jenghiz Khan
    4. Die Schreckensreiter von Montana [The Horror Riders of Montana] = The Angels of Hell's Gap
    5. Aufstand der Galeerensklaven [The Galley Slaves Uprising] = The Orb of Trimandias
    6. Die Verräter von Soho [The Traitiors of Soho] = Freak Out to Fear
    7. Die Ungeheuer von Azlan [The Monsters of Azlan] = People of the Abyss
    8. Die Meuterei der Roboter [The Robot Mutiny] = The Doomsmen
    9. Fluß ohne Wiederkehr [River of no return] = The Wreckers
    10. Der Fluch von Atacama [The Curse of Atatcama] = The Mask of Atacama
    11. In der Arena des Tyrannen [In the Arena of the Tyrants] = The Beast of Ultor
    12. Das Rudel der grauen Wölfe [The Grey Wolfpack] = The Wolfman of Ausensee
    13. Die Verschollenen des Alls [The Lost Ones of the Universe] = The Cloud of Balthus
    14. Die Menschenjäger von Ikonos [The Manhunters of Iconos]The Beautiful People
    15. Die Galeone des Teufels [The Devil's Galleon] = The Spanish Lady
     Issues 16-20 were drawn by Martin Asbury
Band #4 published by Borchert , Paperback 128 pages.
  • Pages 72-73 biography (note: columns are printed inverted!)
  • Pages 74-98 Frank Bellamy reprint B&W Garth: "Der Apfel des Trimandias"

  • Nr. 5 (2 Jahrgang) 1980 published by Buzemi Verlag (Germany). There is no Bellamy art inside the magazine (it contains Garth strips by Stephen Dowling and other newspaper comics). The cover is obviously a reprint of the cover of The Daily Mirror Book of Garth 1975. [Thanks to Hans Kiesl for the scan]

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