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Frank had no idea in his early career illustrating film ideas as stand-up figures for cinema lobbies, that he would get involved more directly with the new medium of television, let alone in producing a very visible film poster and starring on some programmes as himself! 

the media work

[Unknown] 02/ or 03/10/1957 
  • News article on ITV about the publication of Bellamy's strip on Churchill the Happy Warrior 
ANGLIA TV - About Anglia: Chris Young Interview 1976
  • Chris Young interviews Frank Bellamy in Geddington, where we see various pieces by Bellamy as well as him drawing Garth
BBC: EDITION Friday 30/11/1973 
  • Interview with Barry Askew
  • Bellamy drew Barry Askew (with POW! lettering) for Edition appearance on-screen
  • Article also appeared in the Radio Times
BBC: FOCUS: 16/05/1960 
BBC: LOOK EAST 9 March 1976
  • Interview at Kettering
  • We suspect Bellamy drew his interviewer
ITV: The AVENGERS 17/02/1967 
"The Winged Avenger"
  • 30 colour illustrations
  • Produced Nov/Dec 1966
  • Broadcast UK & US: 17/02/1967 
  • 5th Season Episode 110 (1st colour season)
  • We believe there were some unused illustrations


The Avengers Calendar 2005: celebrating 40 years of Emma Peel
Slow Dazzle - Designed by Paul Holder
  • December features a montage from The Winged Avenger episode
  • Bellamy was guest artist on this programme hosted by Bob Monkhouse
  • Produced 16/04/1974 
  • Broadcast:19/06/1974